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New Zealand’s only native land mammals are pekapeka or the short tailed and the long tailed bat. Humans have introduced all the other land mammals that now call New Zealand home. As these mammals are introduced there are often no predators, add in mild winters and an abundance of food resulting in unsustainable high numbers. Hunting plays an important part of controlling numbers so that our native flora and fauna are not destroyed.

At Blue Duck Station we believe in utilising the whole animal that we have hunted. We feed ourselves and our dogs and service our small mammal traps with the animal. Nothing is wasted and we know our meat is free range, fresh and organic.  Our knowledgeable guides will ensure you have a fantastic learning experience in our remote NZ bush.


Uncontrolled deer numbers can be detrimental for the forest. Problems include lack of regeneration, cleared undergrowth, trampled ground cover, compacted subsoils, exposed tree roots and stripped bark.

We offer guided hunting for both red and fallow deer; the first hunt here is always guided, repeat guests to our lodges are welcome to hunt without a guide by prearrangement and provided they have a valid New Zealand firearms licence. Please ensure that you book early for the roar.

Prices: $295 for a guided hunt or $500 full day (maximum 2 people per guide).
Red deer: $500 for a meat deer or spiker. 8 pointers are $800 plus $100 for every additional point.
Fallow deer: $250, for a meat deer or spiker. Stags are priced from $800 depending on the head.


Goats are browsers and will eat a wide range of plant material including shrubs, trees, grasses and weeds. They are also agile and can accelerate erosion and push holes in fences. Goats are in abundance on the station and hunting them with a guide is the perfect introduction to larger game for the inexperienced hunter or young fella who wants to learn stalking and bush skills.

Prices: $175 per person for a guided hunt (minimum two people – includes the animal)


Rabbits and hares are primarily an agricultural pest, competing with livestock for pasture and causing extensive damage to erosion prone soil to the point that land can be rendered useless. They can also cause damage to vulnerable native plant communities. Small game are the ideal introduction to shooting and processing your own meat.

Price: $120 per person including all animals


Feral pigs can cause long term impacts to the ecosystem, compete for food with native animals, can cause damage to kiwi feeding areas and they also kill lambs and cast sheep. Our pig hunting  includes a guide, ATV transport and experienced pig dogs.

Prices: $595 per guided hunt for up to two people (including the animal)