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    We’re sure you are savvy with Google Maps but as there’s no cell reception once you hit Owhango or National Park Village, you might like to keep these directions handy.

    Traveling from the North

    • If you are traveling from Auckland or Hamilton the fastest route to Blue Duck Station is to take SH3 through Te Kuiti then turn left onto SH4 signposted for Taumarunui. This intersection is called 8-mile junction. Don’t miss it or you’ll end up in New Plymouth!
    • Once you reach Taumarunui it will take just over one hour to reach Blue Duck Station (Google will tell you two hours). If you remember, send us an email from Taumarunui so we have your approximate ETA.
    • From Taumarunui stay on SH4 traveling south until approximately 1km AFTER you reach Owhango (a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it village with one Cafe). As you travel southbound out of Owhango you will see a sign on your left-hand-side that says ‘Cycle Trails’ and ‘Kaitieke’. Turn right off SH4 here. This is Oio Road.

    Traveling from the South

    • Travel north on SH4 until you reach National Park Village in the Ruapehu District.
      • Now Google Maps might suggest you turn just left past National Park at the bottom of a big hill near a tiny settlement called Raurimu. This is Kaitieke Road which we only recommend if you are experienced at driving on gravel roads and nobody in your vehicle is prone to car sickness.
      • Note if you are towing a trailer:  We especially do not recommend Kaitieke Road as it is very winding, with limited visibility on corners and too narrow in some sections for two vehicles to pass each other so you may have to stop and back up. If you are not confident (and competent) at reversing with a trailer you may end up in a pickle!
    • The recommended route is to stay on SH4 traveling northbound until approximately 1km BEFORE you reach Owhango when you will see a sign on your right-hand-side that says ‘Cycle Trails’ and ‘Kaitieke’. Turn left off SH4 here. This is Oio Road.

    Once you are on Oio Road

    • You will immediately cross the train tracks and will shortly reach a sign that says ‘Whakahoro 42kms’.  It will feel like the end of the earth but we want you to drive to the end of Oio Road.
    • You will pass the horse shoe monument at Kaitieke, keep going.
    • You’ll cross a bailey bridge over the Retaruke River, keep going.
    • The road will turn to gravel for the last 17kms. Take your time, keep left, and take particular care on corners as there may be a canoe bus or stock trucks traveling in the opposite direction!
    • You will eventually cross a blue one-way bridge (there are plenty of one-way bridges, but only one that’s blue), then you’ll reach a sign that says ‘Welcome to Blue Duck Station’ Phew… you made it! But keep going for another 7kms.
    • You will cross a purple one-way bridge, then a red one-way bridge. Approximately 1.5km after you have crossed the red bridge you will reach our base area and Blue Duck Central which is our Cafe and office base.
    • Please park in the car park then make your way to the Cafe to check in.  Welcome!